Our achievements

1. We have managed 712 sponsorship for annual menstrual care support. The beneficiary’s school absence rate decreased to 85% now
2. We have provided menstrual hygiene education among 8,19,200 students.
3. We have prepared 78,009 children aged between 09- 12 about menstruation and Puberty.
4. Menstrual hygiene education and free medical checkups among 1,120 tea garden workers. From them we took responsibility of medical support and treatment of tea garden workers about different health difficulties including 17 with the risk of ovarian cancer.
5. Educated 54,156 male school children about Puberty changes, women's menstruation, and Safe Touch.
6. Educating 31,000 women from Dhaka Slum about Menstrual hygiene and giving free health checkup.
7. Taken educational responsibility of 187 girls from rural areas.
8. Established child development center, skill development center and trained more than 500 people for new employment opportunities
9. Awarded National and International awards.


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